today saw viralis return to league of legends after almost 4 weeks, playing a total of 4 games for the entire evening he did alright

game one consisted of viralis playing as caitlyn playing a very nice game but ultimately it ended with a loss viralis however did not let this bring his spirits down and he moved on to game to there he played as zilean, supporting his team to a remarkable victory and scoring himself a nice s ranking for the match, but then this is when the troubles began, viralis ran into game three with high hopes for trundle who he has played for years but trundle was not playing nicely with him this time and he suffered a massive loss despite is efforts, when game 4 came along viralis’es spirit was broken and Annie was the harbinger of his doom in this round with a team of mainly ranged style opponents, Annie was no match for them and lead viralis to a humiliating defeat

but all in all was a good match and always enjoyable

until next time
viralis out


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